Training is a powerful means of promoting the development of an organization and the individual potential of its employees. By teaching personnel the principles of occupational health and safety aspects, operating procedures pertaining to the water purification and wastewater treatment processes as well as certain maintenance aspects, we believe that Process Controllers involved in the purification of water and treatment of sewage will be able to appreciate their role in the various processes as well as in the community at large thereby making their work more than just a job.

Basic Purification Operations

In order to ensure that process control personnel on any water- or wastewater treatment facility gain the most from their training experience it has proven most effective to start with a good foundation. This is typically provided in the form of a basic hands-on, on-site introduction to the water or wastewater treatment system and the processes employed there. After the completion of this training program, the process controller will understand the importance of the various daily tasks that need to be performed in order to ensure the efficient operation of the water purification or sewage treatment facility.

Registered Qualifications

After a basic overview of the purification process, a trainee can move on to a qualification that is registered in terms of the National Skills Development Program. These qualifications provide the learner with a career path in water and sewage treatment and equip them with skills specific to the operation of the processes utilised in water purification and wastewater treatment works 

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