Plant Management

With all the legislative requirements from the Department of Water and Sanitation, the need to effectively manage a water purification or wastewater treatment system cannot be over-emphasized.


Enviro Metsi can provide a skilled team of dedicated professionals who will focus on the management of any Water or Wastewater Treatment Works in order to ensure it performs optimally and meets the Department’s requirements.  


A typical Management Contract includes managing and implementation of aspects related to the Blue Drop and Green Drop Programmes, developing and implementing Plant Logbooks and Maintenance Schedules (if not available) and of course monitoring the treatment processes through regular plant inspections.


When looking at Regulation 813 that deals with the registration of a Treatment Works and the personnel employed there, there is a requirement that a Class V Process Controller supervise the work being carried out at the facility.  As it is not always viable for the owner of a works to employ a Class V Process Controller on a full time basis, provision has been made for a contractor or consultant, with the necessary classification, to perform this function. This is where Enviro Metsi wishes to be of service. We have a team of experienced Class V and Class VI Process Controllers who can fulfil this duty on behalf of our clients.


Site inspections are however only one piece of the puzzle when looking at the overall management of a water purification or wastewater treatment facility. For this reason Enviro Metsi has developed numerous monitoring systems and checklists that are used for the effective management of a facility. These systems are aimed at monitoring the treatment facility on a daily basis. The data that is collected in this way can then be used to compile a monthly report on the operation and maintenance of the plant.   


It is clear that the advantage of allowing specialists, like Enviro Metsi, to be involved in the management of a treatment facility is immeasurable. 

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