Operation & Maintenance of Works

Why do water purification and wastewater treatment processes struggle to live up to their design capacity? In many cases, the answer lays in the operation and maintenance of these treatment plants. 


Municipal Services 

With the increasing pressure on municipal services, it is of the utmost importance for these water purification and sewage treatment systems to operate efficiently. Enviro Metsi provides a variety of services in order to help local municipalities achieve this goal.  

Our involvement ranges from the supply of a management team who will only oversee operation and maintenance aspects at water purification or wastewater treatment works and make recommendations, to a situation where we take full responsibility for the daily operation and maintenance of a plant - it all depends on the requirements of the client.   

In order to keep up with the growing demand for water and sewage services in municipal areas, new plants are constantly being built.  However, there is always the problem of operating these facilities with qualified Process Controllers.  At Enviro Metsi we can provide a holistic answer to this problem.  We can manage the entire plant by taking care of the staff required, the chemicals needed, conduct preventative maintenance and take care of sampling and monitoring requirements.  This approach also has the added advantage that there are no nasty surprise expenses to contend with as the cost of managing a plant in this fashion will be certain.


Publicly Employed Use Systems 

Self-sustaining communities are always increasing.  These include institutions such as prisons, police stations, hospitals, guest lodges and even golf estates.  Quite frequently these facilities have to provide water purification and sewage treatment services independently from normal municipal services.  As these systems face many of the same challenges as “normal” municipal systems, we are certain that we can provide the solution to every unique situation.


Industrial Treatment 

Most industrial effluent is traditionally discharged directly into the sewage disposal system of local authorities in an untreated form or after only partial pre-treatment.  This places severe pressure on local wastewater treatment plants and results in costly capital outlay for the extension of facilities to accommodate this additional load. 

Most industries consider only their primary production goals while disregarding the importance of effluent treatment.  Despite the risk of penalties or prosecution, they often do not have the expertise to operate their effluent treatment plans effectively.  Pressure from Government, nature conservation groups and the country's limited water resources has however drastically changed this situation over recent years. Industries have not only been forced to conserve and re-use water in their processes, but also to take responsibility for operating and maintaining their effluent treatment facilities with greater care.  

Local authorities also risk prosecution for polluting their catchment areas and have adopted a harder line against source polluters.  Several companies have for many years been involved with the delegated management and maintenance of domestic effluent plants but more stringent requirements and regulations have now created an urgent need for the specialized operation of industrial effluent plants. 

In view of this, Enviro Metsi wants to provide the needed expertise. With our team of dedicated operations and maintenance personnel, you can be assured that your investment in an effluent treatment plant that is properly operated will be one that yields a very high return

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