Process Monitoring and Reporting

With the ever-increasing focus on Water Resource Management it is becoming increasingly more important to ensure that the performance of every plant is properly gauged. One of the best ways of ensuring that this is done is by the regular assessment and monitoring of a plant.  At Enviro Metsi we achieve this by a simple yet effective process: 


Inspections are conducted by a Class V Process Controller.  The inspector would identify and record issues relating to operational, civil, mechanical & electrical and health & safety aspects on site.  This is done together with the plant’s own Process Controllers in order to gather as much information as possible regarding actual operational and maintenance issues experienced on the plant.


At the start of any project, a site-specific Sampling Program is drafted in accordance with the relevant regulations and the clients own specifications – anything from a "Final Only" sample where the focus is solely on compliance, to a program where every Process Unit is sampled in order to measure its specific performance.  The latter is very useful in identifying the exact cause of a non-compliance or even identifying aspects that could lead to non-compliances before they have repercussions on the downstream processes. These samples are collected during our site visits, preserved and delivered to SANAS accredited laboratories for analyses.


The information gathered during the plant inspection, laboratory analyses and assessment is of course useless unless it is presented in an easy to use fashion. With this in mind, we provide reports detailing the necessary information to evaluate a plant's performance, both currently and historically. The process followed by Enviro Metsi remains the same for routine monthly monitoring and for Annual Plant & Process Audits.  During the latter, each of the aspects is however evaluated in much more detail than during a routine inspection, even looking into vibration and running temperature levels of the mechanical equipment in order to evaluate their performance and/or possible failure.

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