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Recent Projects

Enviro Metsi is continuously looking for ways in which to assist municipalities and other Water Services Authorities with the daunting task that they face when it comes to managing, operating and maintaining the Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities they are responsible for.

Some of the projects we were recently involved with include Plant & Process Audits combined with the updating of Water Safety Plans for Breede Valley Municipality, the Management and Support to Wastewater Treatment Works within Drakenstein Municipality and we formed part of a consortium who assisted the National Department of Public Works in complying with the requirements set out in the Blue Drop Programme (Northern Cape & North West Regions).  We are also involved with the Drinking Water Quality Management Programme for Stellenbosch Municipality.

Projects focussing on training of Process Controllers include training done for Drakenstein Municipality, Oudtshoorn Municipality as well as the Department of Public Works: Western Cape Region.

We were also involved with mechanical upgrades at the Grabouw WWTW (as sub-contractor). We furthermore acted as Principal Contractor on several of the Repair, Maintenance and Operation of Water and Wastewater Treatment Works (RAMP) contracts for the National Department of Public Works.  Equally so, where the civil works on these RAMP-contracts made out a significant portion of the work, we became involved as specialist sub-contractor focussing only on the operation and maintenance of the Water & Wastewater Treatment Works.

Management & Support of Wastewater Treatment Works within Drakenstein Municipality  

Enviro Metsi is proud of the fact that we have a team on Class V and Class VI Process Controllers, some of who are registered as Pr.PC Water (Professional Process Controllers), who can not only ensure legislative compliance to the relevant legislation, but also assist in improving the current operations on a Water Services Works by sharing and implementing some of their practical experience with the operational staff employed at the Works.

This is exactly what Drakenstein Municipality experienced when Enviro Metsi was requested to provide them with a Class V Process Controller and assist in the management of their Wastewater Treatment Works during 2017

Upgrading of the Grabouw Sewage Treatment Works: Mechanical Equipment

For this project Enviro Metsi joined forces with Circuit Water Engineering Equipment to refurbish 3 clarifiers and replace 1 Mixer (anaerobic zone) & 4 Aerators (aerobic zone).  Circuit Water supplied the equipement while Enviro Metsi managed the project and dealt with the installation of the new equipment.

Training of Officials from Oudtshoorn Municipality on Water and Wastewater Treatment Process

Enviro Metsi also concluded a training project for Oudtshoorn Municipality where 7 Unit Standards worth of training was provided to 10 learners.  As the learners are employed on a full-time basis the project entailed facilitation for 3 days followed by a 3 week period where learners completed workplace assignments and their Portfolios of Evidence.     

NQF 2 Training for Department of Public Works: Western Cape

(National Certificate: Water & Wastewater Process Control)

In order to empower the Department's Process Controllers, Enviro Metsi presented a 30-Credit course to the Department of

Public Works' personnel over a 3-month period. Theory was covered in 3 block sessions after which the specific Treatment Works where the personnel work was visited to ensure the Process Controllers were able link their newly acquired theoretical knowledge to the practical aspects experienced in the field.

Updating Water Safety Plans for Stellenbosch Municipalty

Water Safety Plans were introduced as a holistic approach to Drinking Water Quality Management in South Africa. It provides a systematic and transparent approach to ensure the consistent provision of safe water with a clear focus on public health.

As Stellenbosch Municipality had existing WSP’s, Enviro Metsi assessed the existing plans, each of their systems in terms of its physical conditions as well as the water quality applicable to each of the systems and provided Stellenbosch Municipality with a new set of Water Safety Plans. These were then combined into Management Plans where specific sections of the various documents were extracted and used to develop Management Tools that apply to specific departments within the Municipality. This enables specific people to focus on the sections of the WSP's where their input is required without getting distracted by details that don't specifically apply to the section they work in.

Drinking Water Quality Management: Stellenbosch Municipality

Stellenbosch Municipality awarded the contract for their Drinking Water Quality Management to Enviro Metsi in 2013.  This included sampling of potable water throughout the Stellenbosch area, the

evaluation of the results obtained and providing input into Water Quality Management and the Blue Drop Programme.

Repair, Operation & Maintenance of Helderstroom & Buffeljagsrivier WTW and WWTW

The Department of public works initiated the so-called “RAMP contacts” for a number of the facilities under their control. These contracts start off with a repair phase during which the plants are repaired to their original design status or even upgraded to cope with current conditions. Running concurrently with the repair phase is the Operation and Maintenance phase of the project. This phase is aimed at ensuring that specialist contractors operate the facilities in such a way as to while maintaining the facilities in the newly repaired state.

Due to our successful track record in the Operation, Maintenance and Management of Water and Wastewater Treatment Works, Enviro Metsi was contacted by Botes & Kennedy Manyano, who were involved in the civil works on these plants, to be involved as Specialist Subcontactor.

Helderstroom Water Treatment Works (Villiersdorp) treated about 3 Ml/d through a conventional Water Treatment Works while Buffeljagsrivier (Swellendam) had a capacity of about 150m3 of water per day – treated by a “Package” Water Plant, the effluent from these facilities are treated by means of activated sludge plants.

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Professional Consultancy Services for establishment of Blue  Drop Requirements for Department of Public Works   

The Department of Public Works recently launched a program to turn around their virtual non-performance in the Blue Drop Assessment Programme.  This entailed appointing various consultants to deal with the requirements of the Blue Drop Programme in some of the key Water Treatment Systems that they are responsible for.  

Enviro Metsi joined forces with Nyeleti Consulting Engineers and West Bio-Chemical Services to execute this project in the North West and Northern Cape Regions and provided the Department of Public Works with a series of documents and systems that, combined with their understanding of how to implement these, will ensure a great improvement in the way in which they manage their Water Supply Systems

Lebombo Port of Entry: Compilation of Water Safety Plan, Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan as well as O&M Manuals  

Based on our experience with these Blue Drop & Green Drop Support Documents, the contractor who is responsible for the Operation & Maintenance of the Water Services Works at this Border Post contacted Enviro Metsi for assistance.


Water Process Audits & Update of BVM’s Water Safety Plan

As per Best Practice and guided by the requirements of the Blue Drop Programme, Breede Valley Municipality requested an independant consultant to conduct Plant & Process Audits and then use that information to update their existing Water Safety Plans.

Enviro Metsi completed this task in close cooperation with the technical staff from Bredde Valley Municipality and provided them with an updated Water Safety Plan for each of their Supply Systems. The major finding from these individual Water Safety Plans were then collated into a Summary Report which was presented to the Municipal Manager and the relevant Directors - a very useful tool in ensuring buy-in into the Water Safety Plan and the implemetation of the findings thereof  

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