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Blue Drop / Green Drop Assistance

The Blue Drop / Green Drop Programmes have evolved from the initial stages where a set of documents and plans would have sufficed into a mature program that requires proof of implementation in order to comply with the more stringent requirements that now embody these programmes.  

This is where Enviro Metsi can assist.  By compiling, reviewing, updating or assisting with the implementation of documents such as Water Safety Plans or Wastewater Risk Abatement Plans, we can provide a Water Services Institution with up-to-date documents that are used as management tools and not simply desktop-documents.  This process is aimed at including information from the Incident Management Protocols (and/or actual incidents), the annual Plant & Process Audits as well as Asset Management documents into a Water Safety Plan or Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan in order to ensure it is a comprehensive document that contains relevant and up-to-date information.  The Water Safety Plan or Wastewater Risk Abatement Plan can then be condensed into a Management Plan that can be used to track implementation.

Another factor that is often overlooked is the need to ensure analytical results are evaluated (especially after a full SANS241 analyses has been completed) and the Monitoring Programs optimised.  This is however part of the report Enviro Metsi provides to our clients on an annual basis.


The Department, as custodian of South Africa's water resources, is aiming to ensure the sustainability of South Africa's water resources by focussing on an incentive-based approach where the performance of water purification and wastewater treatment systems are being assessed in a holistic manner - the Blue Drop / Green Drop Certification Processes.  

Enviro Metsi can also assist with:

At Enviro Metsi we have extensive experience in the day-to-day management of Water Purification Plants and Sewage Treatment Works in accordance with the best practice principles as outlined by the Blue Drop / Green Drop Program and we would be delighted. to be of assistance in this regard.