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Is it safe to use the water coming out of my tap?
Why is my drinking water white? Did someome overdose some of the chemicals they use to treat the water?
How does water get from the resource (dam) to my tap? How is wastewater treated to ensure it is safe to return to the environment? What is the role that Process Controllers play on all of this?
How about the quality of the water in our rivers? Are Wastewater Treatment Works causing environmental pollution?
I am interested in a career in the Water Industry - what are my options?
What is my "Water Footprint"? What is a "Water Footprint"?
Should I install a water filter at my house? A Sales Rep showed some riends of mine how "impure" their water was - can this be true?
How are we coping with the drought? What is the status of the dams in my area?